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Welcome to FINCOTOWN.

We’re crazy about music videos.

When we think about our favourite songs of all time, we remember them one, because it’s a great track

But also because of the STAND OUT visuals that came along with it.

We used to stay up late to try and catch the ‘crazy new’ video on the music channels and MTV

Or record them to watch back later and hope it was on there.

Now when we hear a song from our teen years, we see a scene from the video flash before our eyes.

You can make a hell of a statement with a video.


Founded in 2021, by Filmmaker and Musician Josh 'JJ' Coombes,

FINCOTOWN is where the story comes alive and the imagination takes over.


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Director / DOP / Editor 

JJ is a Filmmaker & Musician. He has been a drummer since the age of ten and has spent the last eleven years making a lot of noise on tour, playing shows and festivals from London to Tokyo for various bands in the U.K. During this time, he discovered a love for filmmaking. Coming from a family who work in the business, film has always been on JJ's radar and his passion for films and visual storytelling has never been stronger.


With his experience in the music industry and being in many music videos himself, he knows the space very well - a fan of music videos since the MTV days and watching them on VHS tapes he’s hooked on the potential of telling interesting and fun stories within them.

James has been a successful theatre and screen Actor for over forty years, and in the last 10 years has also worked as a Theatre Director. He has played in most theatres in the U.K. and made several appearances in London's West End. His screen career includes many successful series and major studio movies from Warner Bros. to Disney.


His wide experience in commercials will be of great benefit for our product work. He has led many notable campaigns including a BAFTA winning Boddingtons Beer commercial, Cadillac, Mercedes, and he was also the iconic Milk Tray Man in the eighties.

As a Producer, James brings this wealth of experience across all genres of the business and understands what it takes to make any project the most original and best they can be.






We love the entire process of filmmaking and can't wait to work with you.


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